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Xanthe Gresham - Snakes & Thunderbolts

Saturday 1st July - 2:00pm

£5 (family of 4 £15)

(Traditional Performance Storytelling - 60 mins)

Suitable for ages 7+

The gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus are always fighting.

Flinging words like firebrands, performance storyteller, Xanthe Gresham will take you into a world where the sun, sea, earth and underworld are nothing but a playground for these fast-dancing, wine-drinking, olive-eating deities.

This is a wild hour of Greek myths for all the family! Suitable for children 7+ and their adults


Xanthe Gresham is a storyteller with a distinctive, physical, performance style, who delights in magic and the preposterous, in equal measure! She co-founded the Big Wheel Theatre Company and then went to Guildhall Drama School.  After a couple of years in theatre she gave it all up to be a primary school teacher... But when a storyteller came into her school, she was smitten by the artform. Alongside performances in theatres and art centres,

Xanthe has performed in festivals, schools and libraries across the UK, Ireland, France, Slovenia, Holland, Switzerland and New Zealand.

This show will be held in the Crick Crack Club's Fabularium.

"Vivid & magical"

Everything Theatre

"A truly great storyteller, you'll leave with something beautiful created in your own mind"

British Theatre Review



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