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Gomito Productions - Chester Tuffnut

Friday 3rd March - 4:30pm

£6/£20 for 4

(Drama, Puppetry)   Ages 2-5

Chester Tuffnut isn’t your ordinary treemole, in fact he is one of kind! Chester likes wearing jumpers and sitting in his armchair, but most of all he loves adventure – digging holes, reading books, making friends, climbing trees and being outdoors!

The woodland is home to lots of rare animals, but it’s been so long since these curious creatures have had any fun or excitement, they’ve forgotten

what to do. Luckily Chester is at hand to save his new woodland friends from boredom and bring happiness and laughter back to the forest.


This is a story about discovering new places, making friends and inspiring everyone to have at least one adventure a day.


Join Chester and a brave bunch of woodland creatures for an action-packed escapade of highs, lows, thrills, spills, near misses and great escapes.

"Woodland puppet drama for little adventurers"

The Guardian

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