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Clare Murphy - Others from the Other Side

Friday 30th June - 8:00pm


(Traditional Performance Storytelling - 60 mins)

Suitable for ages 14+

The Irish landscape is full of stories peopled by shape-shifters and once-god-

fairies who move seamlessly between our own and a decidedly other world...


The fabulous storyteller, Clare Muireann Murphy, acts as an intermediary between these two worlds, with stories of the other people, changelings, stolen children, strange marriages, theft, deception and wild curses.


Allow Clare to lure you into a proper fairytale for grown-ups, where the light is a little too bright and the dark is very, very dark...

Clare Muireann Murphy cant help but make friends with her audiences... its just the way she is. Born in Dublin, Clare has lived in Spain, America, Galway, London, and currently resides in Bristol. A dynamic and witty performer, she has performed in festivals and theatres across the world, and her repertoire extends from her beloved Irish mythology to world folklore, anecdotes, fables, personal and original stories. And no...she doesn't believe in fairies, but they're there...

This show will be held in the Crick Crack Club's Fabularium.

"Truly Fantastic ****"

Everything Theatre

"A sheer delight! For those thirsting for a different type of show this is a must see ****"

Everything Theatre



Any 2 tickets for Friday evening £14

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