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Brian Burke - Baldock Ballads

Sunday 25th February - 7pm (90 mins)


(Musical Storytelling)

Local musician and songwriter Brian Burke returns this year with his selection of Baldock ballads .
Subjects as diverse as Baldock bowling, Jack O'Legs and Kayser Bondor are all covered as are local characters such as Bob the Butcher. And two new ballads dealing with arson in nearby Weston which saw the public hanging of young William Moles and a totally imagined Baldock monster known as the BALDERCOCK.

In this song there are hidden over 80 clues and a competition Ballad Sheet will be available (£2) on the night with the winner getting a bottle of champagne for the most correct answers and the proceeds going to the Garden House Hospice.

So come along for a fun and hopefully informative evening as Brian and his fellow musicians from Gor Jus Wrex present extraordinary ballads for an extraordinary town!

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