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In Tandem Theatre Company - A Great Fear of Shallow Living

Friday 2nd March - 7:45pm (60 mins)



It is well known that it was at 6pm on the 33rd of December 1883, as the first orange tree was sprouting on Orkney Beach, that Mrs Muir opened a chest, found her skin and returned to the sea.

It is not so well known that at this exact same moment, while the villagers cheered and rushed to the shore, a little girl awoke with salt on her lips and whispered ‘all my daughters will be born selkies’…

In Tandem Theatre Company’s award winning show ‘A Great Fear of Shallow Living’ reclaims the Celtic myth of the Selkie. With live music and spellbinding physicality this is a story about being torn, about needing to be two things, but having to be one; about helping us to belong, while whispering that we don’t have to.

Funny, moving, and bold, this familiar story with unfamiliar twists will have you itching to shed your skin and slip back into forbidden, forgotten waters.

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