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Nell Phoenix - Library Tales

Thursday 1st March - 4pm


(Family Storytelling)


Don’t be fooled – these fairies are wilful and tricky.

There’s a pea of protection, a handful of nuts and a hill full of fiendish fairies.

Can Kate outwit the other-world fairies, save her sister and rescue the night-riding

A fabulous feisty fairytale for over 5s.

Nell’s recent work includes stories told at Amsterdam Storytelling Festival, British
Museum, Hampton Court Palace, Royal Opera House, Newlon Housing Estate, and
for NTS Live, London's coolest digital radio station.

Nell has told hundreds of stories to thousands of school children around the
world. She loves telling fabulous stories for today’s story-loving audiences.

"We were at the ROH on Sunday and our children really enjoyed your stories. LOVED them! As did we. It made me realise being told (rather than read) stories is all too rare, and there is something magical about it."

Royal Opera House

"With an utterly engaging
intimate storytelling style, Nell
balances beautifully the
comedic and the magical"

Crick Crack Club

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