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Christine St John - Bette Davis On The Edge

Thursday 22nd February - 7:45pm (70 mins)


(One Woman Play)

It’s half past four in the morning of October 31st 1962, and motion picture legend Bette Davis is waiting anxiously for the reviews of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’. If the picture is a success, it will hail the desperately needed comeback for the star’s fading career. If not, it will provide a sad and embarrassing epitaph.

As she waits, she reflects on her entire career, from the 'Talkies' to the present day. Her story is the entire history of the American Motion Picture industry.

"Bette Davis On The Edge is full of nostalgic charm and is an exciting thrill-ride through the life of Bette Davis and the history of the motion picture industry"

The Michigan City News-Dispatch

Two times Oscar winning actress Bette Davis placed this advert in the Hollywood Reporter in August 1962. Why?

Visiting the Motion Picture Academy Library in Los Angeles and the Bette Davis Archival Collection in Boston, Christine began to piece together the true story behind the advert - and the woman.

Her meticulously researched play is no mere catalogue of showbiz reminiscences. It is a work packed with drama, intrigue and comedy. This compelling story provides a unique and touching insight into both Hollywood in its heyday, and arguably the finest actress of her generation.

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