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David Woollcombe - Once Upon a Time in the Future

Wednesday 21st February - 8pm (100 mins)

£7.50 (£5 students)

(Spoken Word)

The story of how humanity solved the problem of Climate Change - told by David Woollcombe, author of Peace Child.

Most can agree that one of the greatest threats humanity faces comes from the cumulative impact of climate change. But fewer can agree on how – or if – we can stop it.

For 35 years, David Woollcombe has been telling different versions of the story of Peace Child – a story set 50 years in the future when the problems of today are solved: the story of what the children passing through our schools today do with their lives to remove those problems: the scourge of war and terrorism, poverty, inequalities, loss of natural resources and biodiversity - and to figure out what to do about Climate Change.

Once upon a time in the Future is the story of what they do about Climate Change – adapted to include the slides and visuals of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth presentation. David recently did a training in Pittsburgh, USA with Al Gore and is now one of his certified ‘Climate Reality Trainers.’  Melding Gore’s brilliant visuals with David’s romantic story of the Peace Child makes for an evening of moving entertainment and life-changing information.

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