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The Tap-Dancing Mermaid

Marina Skippett creeps out of her house every night to shuffle and stomp on the

boardwalk to the sounds of the sea. She can’t tap dance at home anymore since

her evil, tractor-sized Aunty banned it, threatening to feed Marina’s dinners to

the dog! But then, one moonlit night, Marina meets a mysterious, watery boy

called Leo swimming in the sea and her life is never the same again...


The “truly amazing one woman power house” Tessa Bide is touring the UK with her celebrated devised solo production.  


There are stunning puppets, original live music to sing along to and tap dancing that will make you want to stick 50ps to your shoes and join in! For everyone aged 3 to 133.


                     "Just everything a children’s theatre experience should be" (Childplays)

£5/15 family(4)

Approx 45 mins

Friday 4th March 2016 - 4:30pm


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